things to do in Jakarta

Favorite Restaurants as Part of Things to do in Jakarta for Your Culinary Experience

Jakarta is the capital city, largest city and most populated city in Indonesia.  However, people from all over the provinces have come to this big city and make cultural influences especially on the varieties of ethnic food and traditions coming from the different islands.  Hence, there are some characteristics of the foods of Jakarta you can find at some top local restaurants.  You just have to find the right restaurant that gives you the best service and excellent tastes at the same time.  Through our Wonderful Indonesia website, we will provide you lists of five favorite restaurants as part of things to do in Jakarta.

Ikan Bakar Cianjur is one of the famous restaurant that serves fresh fish soup, very spicy with shrimp paste ingredients and salad as their specialty.  All other menus including seafood, meat and vegetables are coming from the Sundanese ethnicity of West Java which is always packed with customers.  Moreover, ikan bakar, meaning grilled fish Cianjur style is their main characteristic.  Another favorite restaurant is Angke.  Angke’s specialty dishes are Chinese cuisines.  Hence, Jakarta is pretty much influenced by Chinese culture in the past, and Chinese cuisines became a daily meal to most families.  Fried pigeon, steamed chicken and shrimp are their most popular dishes.

At Harum Manis restaurant, classic Indonesian flavors and spices are offered.  Suckling goat and lamb satay are famous here.  What a great place also to learn more of Indonesian culture through the dishes and the sharing plates style experience where most Indonesian ethnics do.  Next, we have Seribu Rasa restaurant meaning a thousand flavors.  The unique flavors of Indonesian cuisines at Seribu Rasa include the spiciness in almost every meal, colorful herbal ingredients, as well as the sophisticated combination between classic and modern dishes.  For your culinary experience, try the red curry lamb and crab dish as their most ordered dishes.

Not to forget to enjoy extremely affordable cuisines from street foods of Jakarta.  You are available to stroll around for different dishes at the same time and stop at one stall to another.  There are lots of street food places you can go to.  Find a cleaner environment to go to for good sanitation.  Famous Indonesian dishes that are known world-wide, such as satay with peanut sauce, fried rice, bakso or meatballs, gado-gado or vegetable salads and many more you can easily find at any street foods.  Hence, we hope that from the restaurants mentioned above will be in your list of things to do in Jakarta.